Best Touchscreen Tablet 2021

What is a touch tablet?

A touch tablet also called an electronic tablet or digital tablet is an extra-flat device/computer with a very neat design with a touch screen, without a mouse or keyboard. It offers almost the same functionality as a conventional computer. With this type of device, you have the ability to browse the Internet, access any type of content, receive and send emails… The installation of various applications is also possible thanks to an app store. In short, it’s an intermediate device that combines the functions of both a laptop and a smartphone. Its touchscreen, usually from more than 5.6 inches to less than 11 inches, is sensitive to touch or thanks to a special stylus. The Internet connection is via Wi-Fi or 3/4G.

Top 6 Best Touchscreen Tablet

Considered a reference multimedia terminal, the touch tablet plays an important role in the digital world. Not only can it play the role of a smartphone, but it can also serve as a substitute for a graphics tablet, a reader or a laptop. Dominated by the Apple brand with its iPad, the market has undergon a meteoric evolution since 2014 and has seen the advent of the Samsung brand which has also made a place in this universe. It’s a fierce fight between iOS and Android.

With the proliferation of touch tablet manufacturers, each new model is increasingly surprising, equipped with new technology and offered at a constantly declining price. Everyone will surely find their own way according to their taste, their budget and especially according to their use.

Apple iPad Mini 4

During our touch tablet test, we found that the Apple iPad Mini 4 is a smaller version of the classic iPad. With a 7.9′ Retina display, you’ll find the same iOS as the previous one. The assembly of its hull is perfect. Its resolution is relatively correct since it is 2,048 x 1,536 pixels at 326 pixels per inch (ppp). It also features a fingerprint sensor, a laminated screen and a state-of-the-art processor. Lighter and relatively less thick, this model has a storage capacity of 128GB. Thanks to these impressive features, the Apple iPad Mini 4 holds the top spot in our ranking among all the models that have passed on our test bench.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus stands out for its Halo sensory keyboard. When turned off, it looks like a graphics tablet. Available in two versions, including the Android version and the Windows version, this model has an Atom x5 processor and 4GB RAM. Sold at a reasonable price, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus offers limited graphics tablet features. However, its 3GB of RAM and its 32GB hard drive can only seduce you.

Huawei M3 10 Lite

The Huawei M3 10 Lite is a 10.1′ tablet running Android 7.0. Offering the same services as an iPad, its value for money can only satisfy you. With an elegant design, this model is equipped with 4 stereo speakers and a QualcommTM MSM8940 Octo-Core processor. Relatively versatile and durable, this tablet has a full HD screen and can be connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Its ease of transport is justified by its size and weight of only 458 g.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

A mid-range tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A offers up to 3 p.m. battery life. Its design is modern and chic and its finish is well cared for. The performance of this device is relatively better compared to previous versions. It’s ideal for those looking for a device to play or watch/see multimedia content. With a 7” screen and 8GB storage capacity, it also offers very good resolution.

Apple Ipad PRO 10.5IN

The Apple brand is always trending towards evolution and offers even more powerful models and excellent battery life, it now offers tablets in 4 formats. Indeed, the Apple Ipad PRO 10.5IN, with its 10.5” screen, wants to be a model worthy of a professional. This model is halfway between a PC and a conventional tablet. Despite its satisfying screen and steadily increasing power, the Apple IPad PRO 10.5IN doesn’t yet have the capacity and functionality of a computer. However, it is one of the best iPads of the moment due to its compact design, 64GB storage capacity and impressive Retina display with a resolution of 2224 x 1668 pixels.

Amazon Fire 7

If you’re looking for your first tablet, the Amazon Fire 7 might be right for you. Making among the best entry-level touch tablet with great value, the Fire 7 has been specially designed for various hobbies such as reading, games or videos. It can be used for entertaining children or for a long journey. Performing and endowed with excellent ergonomics, the size of its screen as well as its very light weight allow it to be easily transportable. Note that in terms of audio quality, this model incorporates a mono speaker. Buying it can be a good investment especially if you like Amazon services and your budget is limited.

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