How to Play

Seek ’n Spell is fun & easy – just follow the simple steps below!
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Seek ’n Spell combines real spaces with virtual letters to create a competitive word game for you and your friends. The object is to gather letter tiles and create words to score the most points.


To play, gather with your friends in an outdoor space (like a park). You all need an iPhone 3G with Seek ’n Spell. It’s best to pick a space with a good cellular signal and a good view of the sky. We suggest you turn off Wifi in iPhone settings.


Use the map to find letters. Move quickly to beat other players to the letters you need, or take your time and plot your next move for the best word score.


Once you make your way to a letter, you’ll pick it up and it will appear in your letter tray. You can only carry ten tiles at once, so think about what letters you want!


Tap tiles in your tray to spell words and hit submit to score them. Longer words are worth more points, and if you use a gold 2X tile, you get double the normal points for the word! Each tile can only be used once, so spell wisely for big points!


Safety first: watch out for traffic, trees and other players when you’re chasing tiles!


Think fast and aim high – the player with the best score when time runs out wins!