Amazon Fire 7: Why choose this touch tablet model?

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  • Battery Life
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Mobile devices can no longer separate from our daily lives. At present, this sector is undergoing a major revolution. Touch tablets represent a category that conquered the market. They appeal to all ages. However, it is important to choose your reference as needed. You won’t have time to analyse the characteristics of each existing model. Our team has selected the best products for you. Find out why people buy the 7” Black Amazon Fire 7 with 8GB storage.

The Cons

The tablet does not support the Google Play Store app. Its battery life is smaller than that of other models like the Apple iPad Air: only 8 hours for a charge time of 6 hours. Its speaker is only mono. A stereo audio socket is required if needed. This model is also only available in one color: black.

The lack of a 4G connection is also an unfortunate detail on the Amazon Fire 7. The geolocation service cannot be activated without Wi-Fi. A USB 2.0 power cable and a 5W charger are the only accessories included in its box.

The Pros

The Amazon Fire 7 is thinner, 9.6mm thicker and lighter, weighing only 295g, while offering the same features as its competitors. This makes it easier to store and carry even the youngest. Its 7” IPS display represents the latest brand improvement.

The model has an unbeatable price even if it’s one of the last products. With its two-band Wi-Fi, it can be connected to multiple networks at the same time. A better network experience is to be enjoyed. The Amazon Fire 7 has a special finish and easy use. This device is one of the categories with the most accessibility features.

In a nutshell

The Amazon Fire 7 is far outpaced by other models without the 4G and Google Play Store. Its ergonomic features provide a better user experience. With its size and ergonomic weight, it is even suitable for small ones. These accessibility features allow you to change its configuration and displays to your liking.

Amazon Fire 7 review: ideal for first-time tablet use

Just like other Fire brands, our version doesn’t require any configuration to be usable. A one-year warranty is offered by the manufacturer. The tests and reviews collected show buyer satisfaction. The Amazon Fire 7 meets the expectations of people who want to use a tablet for the first time. It includes all the functions of a high-end version. Its touchscreen offers a quick and easy touch. You can easily protect and customize the tablet to your liking. The types of formats supported are numerous, hence it is made for all categories of people.

Performance that meets expectations

The Amazon Fire 7 is available in two storage versions: 8 or 16GB. Obviously, you can do an extension with a micro SD card. Its processor consists of 4 cores with a rate of 1.3 GHz with 1GB of RAM.

The sharpness of its display and the brightness of its colours are ensured by its IPS screen of 1024 x 600 for 171 ppp. A 2-megapixel camera gives you videos of up to 720p HD quality. Its VGA front-facing camera allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones.


The Amazon Fire 7 will satisfy you not only in terms of price, but especially in terms of usage. It’s designed to suit everyone and has all the high-end features of other tablets. If the model doesn’t really match your expectations, you can find your favourite in our top 6.