Apple iPad Mini 4: Apple’s smallest touchscreen tablet

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Successor to the Mini Retina 3, the Apple iPad Mini 4 came on the market in September 2015. Unlike its predecessor, which has undergone very little improvements, this model is experiencing some advances much appreciated by fans of the brand’s famous apple touch tablets. We tested the device which is effective and enjoyable to use.

Are you looking for a touch tablet for personal or professional use? Take an interest in the Apple iPad Mini 4 that we invite you to discover in this review.

The Cons

The Apple iPad Mini 4 has a recurring problem with the brand’s devices, battery life. Indeed, the battery discharges very quickly especially if you use the tablet intensively. The battery still recharges quite quickly. It is also a pity that the device does not come with area sockets. It will therefore be necessary to provide another additional area adapter to be able to recharge the tablet.

The Pros

With a weight of 304 g, the Apple iPad Mini 4 is lighter than any other Apple tablet. It is therefore much more comfortable to use especially if you have to work on it for long periods of time. This model is also more powerful than the Mini Retina 3. It is equipped with an Apple A8 processor and a 2GB RAM. It will stay perfectly fluid even if you perform multiple tasks simultaneously. On this point, the device rivals very well with the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus.

In a nutshell

Despite its smaller size than other iPads, the Apple iPad Mini 4 manages to seduce and satisfy with its increased power and much more comfortable grip. The device has some defects that can still be avoided quite easily. The purchase of this touch tablet remains a very good investment.

Apple iPad Mini 4 test: 128GB of internal storage

The Apple iPad Mini 4 does not have a micro SD memory card port. This is not a drawback as the touch tablet already offers 128GB of internal memory. This is more than enough for storing photos, videos, music and other files. In addition to this important internal memory, the Apple iPad Mini 4 features all the features common to all recent Apple tablets.

A small tablet practical and ergonomic

Dimensions are one of the biggest features of the Apple iPad Mini 4. With dimensions of 20.32 x 13.48 x 0.61 cm, it is one of the smallest models tested on our site. This is an advantage for her because taking control is much simpler. Users who use it to read long documents will be particularly privileged. Its weight further promotes this grip. Indeed, the device is barely 304 g on the scale.


Power, ergonomics, grip ease and large storage space are the main qualities of the Apple iPad Mini 4. If the use of your touch tablet does not require too large a screen, this model will satisfy you fully and accompany you every day.