Apple Ipad PRO 10.5IN: Is this the perfect touchscreen for you?

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The tablet has become an indispensable material for many people. The reason is simple: it combines different tools into one while offering more possibilities. However, between them, each tablet is different. Some are suitable for some, not others. To find out which model fits your situation, take the time to analyze the features. The best products have been found by our team. Here, we’ll present only the Apple IPad PRO 10.5IN touchscreen tablet. If it doesn’t make you dream, you can find other models by clicking here.

The Cons

The first finding is about its high price of 760.19 euros. Then there is its weight which reaches 467grams, well above average. Its pink color is not suitable for everyone especially men. Despite its high price, the Apple IPad PRO 10.5IN shares the same basic options as other cheaper products: the same operating system, the same PC platform… The device lacks waterproof protection. The anti-shock and the hull must be purchased separately. As well as headphones, cables and extensions.

The Pros

The Apple IPAD PRO 10.5IN is only 0.6 cm thick. Which indicates that its state-of-the-art character. Its 10.5-inch screen provides excellent visibility for viewing videos, PDFs, etc., and for players in various games. It boasts Retina technology with 2224 x 1668 pixels. The tablet offers 64GB of storage without extension. This is the way it is ideal for securely backing up your different types of files. With its 6-core processor, the Apple IPad PRO 10.5IN delivers smoother controls, especially in terms of connection and multitasking. They benefit from wireless technologies: 802.11B, 802.11G and 802.11n. The transfer of files and data is fast and secure. It also provides on a mobile navigation very state-of-the-art.

In a nutshell

The high price of the Apple iPad PRO 10.5IN is mainly due to its 6 cores. Thanks to this processor, it offers better performance and gives more accessibility. This rate also depends on its size, size and 64GB storage. The Apple IPAD PRO 10.5IN has the most advanced systems for networks and connections. Its design can be easily adapted to your liking by finding suitable shells and anti-shocks.

Apple IPAD PRO 10.5IN review: more than just a tablet

The advanced features of the Apple iPad PRO 10.5IN allow you to process various operations like a PC. Just install the necessary applications or software: retouching photos, making video montages… You can protect its system with an antivirus. It has a powerful speaker that lets you listen to multimedia anywhere. Many have already given their opinion on this product.

Impressive extra features

When selecting tablets, every detail counts. This even makes the reputation of the Apple iPad PRO 10.5IN. Its camera far exceeds 2 megapixels. The front side version offers the best communication by chat and phone. Transfers and sharing can be done via Bluetooth, cable or network.


The defects of the Apple iPad PRO 10.5IN tablet are easy to compensate for. Unlike other models like the Fire 7, our device does not reject any applications and ignores any type of file. It takes care of all your needs. While it is an important investment, it has a very good durability.