Campark ACT76: the camera you’ve always dreamed of

  • Design
  • Image & Sounds
  • Options
  • Performance
4/5Overall Score
  • Screen: Dual Screen
  • Camera Resolution: 16 Megapixels
  • Rechargeable Battery: Yes
  • Photo recording support: microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC

Currently, the world of photography and sport can no longer do without the Campark brand. Having already proven itself Campark never ceases to give the best for its followers. With the release of the Campark ACT76, the images have largely found a sharper quality than its predecessors. It is distinguished above all by its double screen with a resolution of 16MP. An easy-to-use sports camera that’s convenient to wear anywhere. The Campark ACT76 wants to be accessible to everyone, from amateur to novice, with it everyone can be comfortable to film or photograph.

The Negatives

Even today’s large models of sports cameras still have points to review. The Campark ACT76 is no exception either. Not to mention the GOPRO Hero 5 Black. One of the weaknesses of Campark ACT76 is the stabilization of images. Sometimes you have to use a more careful editing to restore the quality of the image. In addition, focusing mainly on the design and quality of all its features, the Campark ACT76 sheet is a little overlooked. There is still a lack of detail for its use.

The Positives

The strengths of Campark ACT76 are as numerous as you can imagine. Only for 59.99 euros all the features of a renowned sports camera can be found in this model. Features such as WiFi mode that connects the camera (up to a distance of 8 m) to your smartphone/laptop without any cables. 4K Ultra HD videos at 30 frames per second and can capture images of up to 16 megapixels. Remarkable photos, dazzling videos, there’s something to take his breath away.

In a nutshell

Outstanding quality, a more than convincing image is what makes the Campark ACT76 among the Top 10 best sports cameras of the year. Attractive and seductive in its design, an appearance that does not deceive what it can hide. 4 times cheaper, 4 times more professional, that’s what marks this model. A very good image definition makes its users vibrate, a resolution of 16 MP with a 170-degree wide-angle for the projection of his photos and videos, what more could be asked.

Campark ACT76 test: a price that hides more than you can imagine

Featuring a 2-inch dual HD display and a 170-degree lens, the details can no longer be camouflaged with the Campark ACT76. Even the grains of sand are likely to be counted. All the highlights, the landscapes, the best scenery will find their sparkles with this high-level sports camera. Water sports enthusiasts such as land and air sports will benefit from the sensations offered by this moving model. With a 170-degree wide-angle lens, no image will be missed.

Unique wifi with a unique sports camera

With Campark ACT76’s WiFi mode, you can check up to a distance of more than 7m via your smartphone/laptop without any cables. Not only does it serve as a remote control, but it also allows you to view videos and photos on a laptop or phone, and adjust the image as well as your recording modes.


A whole new world awaits you with the 4K Ultra HD image quality of the Act76 Campark. With the same features as its predecessor, this model is also equipped with an LCD screen, an angle at 170 degrees… The waterproofing of its case is no longer to be faulted, in short, a whole range of features at a price to say “incredible”!