Crosstour 4K CT8000: the perfect sports camera for swimmers

  • Design
  • Image & Sound
  • Options
  • Performance
4/5Overall Score
  • Screen: 2 inches LCD
  • Camera Resolution: 12 Megapixels
  • Rechargeable battery: Yes
  • Photo recording support: microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC

Crosstour is a global brand known to amateurs and professionals working in the world of photography and sport. A sports camera worthy of the highest ranks, because it offers a very clear image rendering, various features that can satisfy novices as well as experts. Easy to use, the Crosstour CT8000 offers impeccable photos and videos. Elegant with different intuitive modes, it covers much more than you can imagine. Let’s see in this article what this model really hides.

The Negatives

Unlike the WiMiUS Q1, the Crosstour CT8000 does not yet have the ability to store more than 32GB. It should also be noted that skiers must abstain until the new release of the new model, as this sports camera does not yet support the cold like all Crosstour brand sports cameras. Low-temperature areas are strongly discouraged with this device.

The Positives

The Crosstour CT8000 brings several advantages that allow it to stand out from its competitors. Ideal for deep diving, this model comes its a kit of accessories for cycling diving capture. So you can dive up to 30 meters. The image quality no longer differentiates the details with the Crosstour CT8000, real-world restoration is possible with its Ultra HD 4K as well as a widening of the horizon thanks to its wide-angle system of 170 degrees. Total remote control is possible because it has a Wi-Fi function via the “iSmart DV” app.

In a nutshell

By its design, the Crosstour CT8000 is truly unique, attractive and small in size. Moreover, knowing the famous GoPro brand, a minimum of detail can only fool us that this is not copy and paste of GoPro. Without imagining the price it costs, the Crosstour CT8000 is very affordable on the price side. The 4K format is well valued in this small fashionable sports camera. Not only is 4K, but it’s Ultra HD in addition. The details of landscapes, scenery, underwater wonders can no longer hide with this model.

Crosstour CT8000 test: special singularities for a low-cost camera

Want to shoot 4K HD videos? Nothing more complicated, a simple operation is enough with the Crosstour CT8000. The video is more fluid with the professional resolution 4K 25fps / 2.7K 30fps / 1080P 60fps. A total profit from the real world awaits you in your Crosstour. Plus, with a 170-degree wide-angle lens, you can capture more images in one go. So you’ll have more choice of photos or videos without putting in as much effort. For swimmers, the Crosstour CT8000 has already planned everything: with a waterproof case, it is easy to do underwater photography. You will discover a new world. Your photos will be sharper and high quality.

Filming and recording memories twice as much

The Crosstour CT8000 is equipped with 2 long-lasting batteries and equipped with two rechargeable batteries of 1050mAh. Be aware that a battery can record about 90 minutes. You’ll have no more worries about capturing all the scenes that are running in front of you.


With a plastic finish, the Crosstour CT8000 is very durable. It offers the quality sought in such a device. The different modes are very intuitive (photo, burst, video…), there are many choices of recording qualities. In addition, it has many features to make it even easier for you to enter the world of photography.