Hubsan H501S

  • Range
  • Battery Life
  • Camera
  • GPS
4.5/5Overall Score

4 Channel GPS 5.8G FPV Brushless with 1080P HD Camera Follow-Me Mode RTH Function RC Quadcopter

  • Range: 400 metres
  • Battery Life: 18 minutes
  • Camera: Full HD 1080P

The Hubsan H501S is a fantastic drone with a highly successful design, with amazing features, including a high-definition camera and remote control with a built-in 4.3-inch LCD screen. In other words, you won’t need to use your smartphone to enjoy FPV mode. It comes with two GPS modules for more precise positioning and two autonomous flight modes. Although dating back a few years, it remains one of the most popular drones on the market and is a top-notch option for anyone looking for a low-cost HD camera drone.

The Hubsan H501S is one of the first drones to be equipped with brushless engines. Brushless engines are much more powerful, more reliable and last longer. These engines give the drone a great thrust on take-off and also make it much sharper than other drones in its class. The drone is powered by a lipo battery of 7.4v 2700 mAh which gives it a flight range of about 18 minutes, while the transmission range is 400 meters in optimal conditions, which is rather remarkable.

Although the Hubsan H501S is a few years old, the accompanying camera is still very powerful, even when compared to the cameras of newer drones. It’s a 1080p HD camera with a wide angle lens that will allow you to capture beautiful aerial images and videos. Although the camera does not have a stabilization device like a cardan, the images and videos are clear with little distortion. Another feature of the camera is that you can connect a virtual reality headset to the controller and receive the live video stream in the headset for a more immersive flight experience.

While the HD camera is the drone’s main attraction, it comes with many other features that will enrich your flying experience and give you more fun. These features include dual GPS (GPS and GLONASS for more precise positioning), an “altitude maintenance” mode that allows the drone to maintain a constant altitude in hovering, an “Orbit” mode that allows the drone to rotate around a point of interest, a “Follow me” mode that tells the drone to follow you, and an “Automatic Return home” mode that automatically activates if you lose the connection becomes too weak.