Oculus Go

  • Screen
  • FOV
  • Resolution
  • Refresh Rate
4/5Overall Score
  • Screen: LCD
  • FOV: 110 degrees
  • Resolution: 1440P
  • Battery Life: two hours for video games, two and a half hours for 360-degree video

The Oculus Go is a VR headset that does not need a PC or a smartphone to be connected in order to use it. And that’s because all the parts needed for it to function are fully embedded in the unit. Unlike the other Rift VR Headsets, Oculus Go is made of fabric making ti comfortabale to wear.

The Oculus Go is a welcome news for those who want to experience VR without blowing a big hole in their pockets. Taking into accounts all the abovementioned points, we can safely say that the Oculus Go is a great standalon headset and maybe even the best one.
It is important to note, however, standalone VR headsets as of this time are not that good yet when it comes to immersive experience and graphics that connected VR headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift can offer. What is most important is that the release of this headset signals the beginning of VR democratization.