Parrot Anafi

  • Range
  • Battery Life
  • Camera
  • GPS
5/5Overall Score

A new way to observe your environment

  • Range: 4000 metres
  • Battery Life: 25 minutes
  • Camera: Full HD 4K

This light drone, which looks like an insect, may be small, but its shots are among the most impressive. The Parrot Anafi carries a 180-degree vertical tilt camera that allows for cross-diving shots; a feat that no other drone can match. It also has a 2.8x zoomable lens without reducing image quality.

Parrot has improved its FreeFlight application for the release of its Anafi drone. The app is now much more intuitive to use. The configuration of flight speeds (film or sport), the choice of shots or video settings (4K, Full HD, exposure, etc.) now go through menus that appear at the bottom of the smartphone screen. So a few clicks are all it takes to activate the main functions.

The Parrot Anafi is a particularly wise choice for selfie enthusiasts. Its “Follow Me” mode tracks your movements, automatically adjusting for more photogenic angles, and its SmartDrones modes – Orbit, Parabola, Boomerang and Tornado – make the drone fly around you, describing various trajectories or arcs.

The main drawback of the Parrot Anafi is that it does not avoid obstacles, which makes it difficult to recommend to beginners. It is also a pity that some flight modes are locked and require additional expenses in the application.

Note that a new Parrot Anafi FPV kit has recently been launched, which combines this drone with FPV (first-person view) glasses for a fully immersive flight experience. What to vary the pleasures!