Potensic T25

  • Range
  • Battery Life
  • Camera
3/5Overall Score

1080P Camera Drone for Beginners

  • Range: 300 metres
  • Battery Life: 10 minutes
  • Camera: Full HD 1080P

The Potensic T25 is one of the best drones for less than 200 euros, and it’s a real beast of the air. It is equipped with integrated GPS technology, which gives it great stability during flights and aerial shots. This stability is very appreciable in flight, especially if you want to use the stunning camera that this drone has.

The camera is indeed the real star of this drone. With a high definition of 1080p, the quality is simply remarkable for a drone at this price. We were very surprised by the beauty of the videos and photos. You can also fly in FPV mode when you connect your mobile device to the drone. This mode is great for having the feeling of flying inside the drone.

While it has many features that will satisfy seasoned pilots, the Potensic T25 also offers a number of features that will help beginners take off without difficulty. The steering is indeed simple, and the progression phase is very fast. You’ll have the option to activate “Return To Home” mode, “Follow Me” mode (the drone follows and films you) or the “Personalized Flight Path” mode, which allows you to plan an itinerary in advance.

The main weakness of the Potensic T25 is the battery life, which is only 10 minutes. However, it comes with 2 batteries. On the other hand, it has a maximum range of 300 metres, which is quite reasonable. This is a range that is suitable for both novice and intermediate pilots, but experienced pilots may require a little more.