Samsung Galaxy Tab A: Are you right to choose this mid-range tablet?

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4.5/5Overall Score

The decline of the market for high-end touch tablets has pushed Samsung to focus on the mid-range model segment. The Korean giant’s entry into this segment was marked by the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A in early 2016. Less powerful than its colleagues on paper, this model is no less effective. It has enough configuration to perform many tasks properly and provide a good quality multimedia platform. Focus on this model on which Samsung is banking its comeback in the market.

The Cons

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is deliberately underperforming than models of the same range like the Huawei M3 10 Lite. Fans will not be entitled to the Super Amoled touchscreen and will have to settle for the LCD. If the octacore processor is kept, the RAM will be limited to 2GB while similar models featured in our test page have a RAM of at least 3GB.

The Pros

The Korean manufacturer breaks the prices by offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab A at about 200 euros, a hundred euros less than the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus. The quality remains, of course, true to Samsung’s reputation. This model will therefore satisfy small budgets that are looking for a good quality tablet. The unit does not heat even during heavy use. Its temperature does not exceed 34 degrees Celsius. This extends the life of the tablet components and their cells. This model will therefore logically have a longer lifespan than appliances that heat a lot.

In a nutshell

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A does not claim to be the most powerful touch tablet on the market. It ranks among mid-range models. This positioning allows it to offer a particularly low to users. It also has the performance, although limited, useful for carrying out daily tasks performed on these electronic slates.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A review: an easy and ergonomic grip

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A stays true to the Korean brand’s usual tablet design. We find the centre button that allows you to return to the home page. The 10.1-inch screen configuration has been designed to provide an optimal and comfortable view vertically and horizontally. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is 254.2 x 155.3 x 8.2 mm. Its grip is ideal and its weight of 525 g is higher than those of other models selected on this site, but still still acceptable.

A device that focuses on simplicity

To seduce, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A relies on simplicity and efficiency. Indeed, without presenting a stunning configuration, the touch tablet manages to provide active daily assistance. It also offers satisfactory multimedia features, especially in terms of image and photo quality thanks to its 8MP back sensor.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A touchscreen tablet is proof that quality doesn’t always come at an exorbitant price. This model, despite its limited performance, is an ideal companion and a satisfactory multimedia platform whose purchase requires a limited investment.