WiMiUS Q1: a unique sports camera, a unique quality

  • Design
  • Image & Sound
  • Options
  • Performance
4/5Overall Score
  • Screen: 2 inches
  • Camera Resolution: 16 Megapixels
  • Rechargeable battery: Yes
  • Photo recording support: microSD (up to 64GB)

The WiMiUS Q1 is a well-known model currently in the field of on-board cameras and high-tech. Why do we choose to present this model to you? The reason is simple, it can offer all the features of a notorious sports camera on the market currently. And all this with an unimaginable price. Varied in colour: blue, silver, black with a surprising design, the WiMiUS Q1 hides more internally than externally. Easy to use with multiple settings, professional and beginner is at his mercy.

The Negatives

There is a lack of image stabilizer that causes blurring when moving except to fix the camera to film. For mobile operating systems, WiMiUS Q1 is not compatible with Windows Phone until now. This is common in all professional sports cameras that are found today like the famous Crosstour CT9000.

The Positives

With the WiMiUS Q1, the settings are simple. The switch to manual mode is intelligible especially for experienced than novices. Several accessories are offered for free with, unlike its competitors, like its two batteries (900 mAh), no more battery failure in prospect. The video and photo are super good, not to mention its 4K full HD, time-lapses (delayer), Webcam functions. What ensures its fame is that it can compete against the ranks of the greatest like the famous GOPRO Hero 5 Black with a price 4 times lower. The impeccability of video quality is truly exceptional, its 4k/HD presents no problem and the ability to zoom in during use is indeed remarkable.

In a nutshell

The design and black color of the WiMiUS Q1 make it hugely different from Campark ACT74. Light and self-contained, there is no shortage of travel memories. A memory shared with friends with a very good recording quality with Full HD in 1080p offering 60 frames per second. They won’t see the difference with reality.

WiMiUS Q1 test: its peculiarities say more than its price

The WiMiUS Q1 sports camera performs better with 4K Ultra HD video, so a detailed capture of all the highlights will no longer be a problem thanks to its multiple modes. Easy to use with multiple settings, professional and beginner is at his mercy. There are four buttons: an ON/OFF button on the front that is also used to switch from photo to video mode, two selection keys on one side, and a button to activate Wi-Fi on the other side of the camera. The packaging is highly clean and thoughtful. To transport or fix it, there is no shortage of accessories, a pack is provided for sale. One hour of recording possible thanks to the battery life of 30 minutes each.

Full settings: simple and professional

The WiMiUS Q1 offers a very good recording quality with Full HD in 1080p offering 60 frames per second. The settings offered are complete and quite intuitive. Most basic settings are found (change in quality, definition, timelapse mode, video rotation, recording time display, burst mode, etc.).


The WiMiUS Q1 is a more powerful sports camera. It has a 2″ LCD screen that allows it to see a clearer, sharper video and photo. Action cam is built-in wifi. This is compatible with your smartphone and/or tablet.