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Best Touchscreen Tablet 2021

What is a touch tablet?

A touch tablet also called an electronic tablet or digital tablet is an extra-flat device/computer with a very neat design with a touch screen, without a mouse or keyboard. It offers almost the same functionality as a conventional computer. With this type of device, you have the ability to browse the Internet, access any type of content, receive and send emails… The installation of various applications is also possible thanks to an app store. In short, it’s an intermediate device that combines the functions of both a laptop and a smartphone. Its touchscreen, usually from more than 5.6 inches to less than 11 inches, is sensitive to touch or thanks to a special stylus. The Internet connection is via Wi-Fi or 3/4G.

Top 6 Best Touchscreen Tablet

Considered a reference multimedia terminal, the touch tablet plays an important role in the digital world. Not only can it play the role of a smartphone, but it can also serve as a substitute for a graphics tablet, a reader or a laptop. Dominated by the Apple brand with its iPad, the market has undergon a meteoric evolution since 2014 and has seen the advent of the Samsung brand which has also made a place in this universe. It’s a fierce fight between iOS and Android.

With the proliferation of touch tablet manufacturers, each new model is increasingly surprising, equipped with new technology and offered at a constantly declining price. Everyone will surely find their own way according to their taste, their budget and especially according to their use.

Apple iPad Mini 4

During our touch tablet test, we found that the Apple iPad Mini 4 is a smaller version of the classic iPad. With a 7.9′ Retina display, you’ll find the same iOS as the previous one. The assembly of its hull is perfect. Its resolution is relatively correct since it is 2,048 x 1,536 pixels at 326 pixels per inch (ppp). It also features a fingerprint sensor, a laminated screen and a state-of-the-art processor. Lighter and relatively less thick, this model has a storage capacity of 128GB. Thanks to these impressive features, the Apple iPad Mini 4 holds the top spot in our ranking among all the models that have passed on our test bench.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus stands out for its Halo sensory keyboard. When turned off, it looks like a graphics tablet. Available in two versions, including the Android version and the Windows version, this model has an Atom x5 processor and 4GB RAM. Sold at a reasonable price, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus offers limited graphics tablet features. However, its 3GB of RAM and its 32GB hard drive can only seduce you.

Huawei M3 10 Lite

The Huawei M3 10 Lite is a 10.1′ tablet running Android 7.0. Offering the same services as an iPad, its value for money can only satisfy you. With an elegant design, this model is equipped with 4 stereo speakers and a QualcommTM MSM8940 Octo-Core processor. Relatively versatile and durable, this tablet has a full HD screen and can be connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Its ease of transport is justified by its size and weight of only 458 g.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

A mid-range tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A offers up to 3 p.m. battery life. Its design is modern and chic and its finish is well cared for. The performance of this device is relatively better compared to previous versions. It’s ideal for those looking for a device to play or watch/see multimedia content. With a 7” screen and 8GB storage capacity, it also offers very good resolution.

Apple Ipad PRO 10.5IN

The Apple brand is always trending towards evolution and offers even more powerful models and excellent battery life, it now offers tablets in 4 formats. Indeed, the Apple Ipad PRO 10.5IN, with its 10.5” screen, wants to be a model worthy of a professional. This model is halfway between a PC and a conventional tablet. Despite its satisfying screen and steadily increasing power, the Apple IPad PRO 10.5IN doesn’t yet have the capacity and functionality of a computer. However, it is one of the best iPads of the moment due to its compact design, 64GB storage capacity and impressive Retina display with a resolution of 2224 x 1668 pixels.

Amazon Fire 7

If you’re looking for your first tablet, the Amazon Fire 7 might be right for you. Making among the best entry-level touch tablet with great value, the Fire 7 has been specially designed for various hobbies such as reading, games or videos. It can be used for entertaining children or for a long journey. Performing and endowed with excellent ergonomics, the size of its screen as well as its very light weight allow it to be easily transportable. Note that in terms of audio quality, this model incorporates a mono speaker. Buying it can be a good investment especially if you like Amazon services and your budget is limited.

Top 6 Best Sports Camera

Top 6 Best Sports Camera

In order to start this comparison camera sport, we offer you to discover our best selection. We chose them based on their battery life, their design, their strength and of course compatible applications and their setting.

What is a sports camera?

A sports camera, also called action cam or on-board camera, is a small camera that allows you to film your athletic performance. The first manufacturer and market leader brand was GoPro. It stands out for its small size and lighter weight compared to the usual camcorders. In short, all the small cameras are called sports cameras. Easy to use, you can fix it wherever you want, for example on your helmet, on your handlebars… without it bothering your hands. Its format, however, limits the resulting image quality. Depending on the models, video images can be of high quality and therefore possible to rework.

Without further ado, here are our 6 best sports cameras.

GOPRO Hero 5 Black

The GOPRO Hero 5 Black is an on-board memory card camera. Little sister of the Hero4 Black, this new model features an integrated waterproofing system, 4K resolution, voice control, GPS, but also an excellent image stabilizer and USB port. It also features a 2-inch touchscreen and its waterproof case allows it to be submerged to a depth of 10 meters. You’ll be captivated by the resolution of his camera, which reaches 12 megapixels. Its battery is completely rechargeable, giving you the option to get an extra battery and use your camera longer.

Crosstour CT9000

The Crosstour CT9000 is an action camera offering ultra-high definition 4K video. Its 2-inch screen is exceptional and offers a resolution of up to 16 MP. It has a timer mode. You can even take selfies with continuous recording. The remote control delivered in the package gives you the ability to control the device such as turning on, recording… The action cam is perfectly waterproof, so you can dive to a depth of 30 meters. You also need the iSmart DV app to control it via Wi-Fi so you can set up the resolution or deletion of your unwanted files. Each of its 1050mAh batteries respectively can record a 90-minute video.

Campark ACT74

An entry-level action camera, the Campark ACT74 offers 170-degree wide-angle vision. Its 2-inch LCD screen lets you not miss any details. The memory of this model is expandable with a micro SD card up to 64GB. It is compatible with iOS and Android. It should also be noted that it is the ideal device for your scuba diving up to 30 m deep. Indeed, it has a waterproof case that can withstand water. Its dual battery greatly reduces the loading frequency and the presence of its storage cover only increases its lifespan.


The WiMiUS Q1 is a mini-priced cam action. Indeed, sold for less than 100 euros, this model is perfectly suited to infrequent uses such as the preservation of quality souvenir. It offers 4K quality videos and 16-megapixel photos. You will have many accessories such as a waterproof case that can be dipped up to 40 meters, 2 batteries limiting the frequency of loadings, several means of attachment … Its 2-inch LCD display gives you easier control. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you’ll be able to transfer your favorite images and videos to your smartphone with great ease.

Crosstour CT8000

The Crosstour CT8000 offers many video formats and is an on-board camera with a 2-inch LCD screen. Its wireless remote control gives you total control of the device. The latter is especially convenient to order recordings of your highlights. Also, this model is waterproof and can be submerged up to 30 meters. With built-in Wi-Fi, you won’t have trouble transferring your creations to your smartphone with the iSmart DV app. It is equipped with 2 batteries that can each record up to 90 minutes of video and 18 accessories.

Campark ACT76

The Campark ACT76 offers a wide-angle vision of 170 degrees with a good resolution of 16 MP. With its Wi-Fi function, you can control the device with your PC or smartphone up to 8 meters. This will make it easier to share on social networks. In particular, it can go underwater thanks to a perfectly waterproof case. Note that this model comes with a complete accessory kit with 3 straps, a bike adapter, 2 batteries, a USB cable, 4 fasteners and also a fastening kit.

Virtual Reality Headsets: Top 5 Best Models In 2021

Thanks to the virtual reality headset, the user is invited to another universe. In reality, this device plunges its user into the heart of the action of his favorite video game or that of the film he follows. Seduced by virtual reality headsets, you want to get one. But you didn’t know exactly which model you chose, let alone the features you need to take into account in order to make a better purchase choice. Because there are a variety of models in the trade, we present here, a special selection of virtual reality headsets, in order to save you time.

How do I choose a virtual reality headset?

Right now, we are in an era where technological innovations are more fascinating to humans. Today, virtual reality headsets have won over an increasingly demanding clientele. So to satisfy this clientele so diverse, manufacturers offer them a plethora of models. So, before you put your hand in your pocket, what are the criteria to take into account in order to afford a quality virtual reality headset?

The definition of the screen

The definition of the screen allows the player to better enjoy his VR headset and the details of video games and videos. This is an essential feature that must be checked before validating your purchase choice.


In the trade, there are two types of screens for this kind of headset: LCDs and OLEDs. However, from a more objective point of view, OLED screens have a more interesting graphic quality.


Apart from the increasing improvement of the virtual consumer experience and the many advances made on new features, we notice that the weight of the virtual reality headset is increasing markedly. Brands take advantage of rivalries between them to further optimize the comfort of their consumers.


The average weight of this type of accessory is in the order of 500 g or even 600 g. Be aware that the 100 g that separate these two helmet models are important, as they can somehow impact the player’s comfort over the long or short term.

Battery life

There’s nothing more frustrating than plugging the charger into your virtual reality headset in the middle of the game. So, to avoid this inconvenience, it is important to remain very attentive to the quality and battery life of the headset.


The best models on the market offer an average power battery of 2600 mAh. Although this figure is so high, used in full power, the autonomy of this kind of headphones allows to play only for two hours.

What are the best virtual reality headsets to choose from?

Now you know pretty much what you need to consider when choosing a virtual reality headset. Nevertheless, here we present a selection of five helmets that you must have to afford.

Sony’s Playstation VR, PS4 VR headset for gamers

This virtual reality headset model is of excellent quality. Its presence in our comparison is more than a no-brainer. Indeed, it allows its user to live a sensational experience. Its 5.7-inch screen features a 1920 x RGB x 1080 OLED display method.

With a field of view of about 100 degrees, Sony PlayStation VR reassures you of an immersive gaming experience. Its 3D audio system allows you to get into the reality of your video game.

The positives:

  • 3D system;
  • ultra-light helmet;
  • USB port.

The negatives:

  • Requires the camera and console that goes with it to work

HTC Vive Pro: the 2nd generation for professionals and VR enthusiasts

The HTC Vive Pro virtual reality headset is specially designed to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. It allows you to live a virtual reality experience of the most immersive. It has a Double AMOLED 3.5 display and a resolution of 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye. Its redesigned facial cushion makes it a helmet suitable for all face shapes. Its design is unique in that the center of gravity is optimal with more immersion and less light.

The positives:

  • built-in good-quality headsets;
  • Better colour performance
  • Sharpness of the display
  • Flexible cable that does not hinder movement;
  • User comfort.

The negatives:

  • High heat

Oculus Go: Facebook’s standalone headset that democratizes VR

This helmet model is sold with a controller. Oculus GO is an all-in-one portable VR headset and very easy to use. It has an ergonomic design. Indeed, it owes its comfort and lightness to its foam injection moulding and the breathable fabrics that line it. Its lightweight controller recognizes hand movements, which provides smoother navigation in virtual reality.

The positives:

  • Bright colors
  • Optimization of 3D graphics
  • A sharper visual
  • cinematic sound quality made possible by integrated space pilots.

The negatives:

  • Expensive virtual helmet.

Oculus Rift S: The worthy successor to the Rift

Oculus Rift S is a headset designed with Lenovo that gives the impression of living in the reality of the game. Improved optics allow the user to enjoy the bright and vivid colors of the video game. It is ergonomic and accompanies the user in his movements.

The positives:

  • ergonomic design;
  • improved optics to benefit from the bright and vibrant colors of the image;
  • the appearance of gestures, shots and strokes in virtual reality with more intuitive precision.

The negatives:

  • Does not integrate AAA batteries

Oculus Quest: A wireless, PC-free Oculus Rift

Oculus Quest is a headset designed with a effortless configuration. It can be used anywhere. In addition, this device incorporates an Oculus Insight Tracking system that allows movements to be transposed into virtual reality. The gestures and movements made by the player appear with intuitive and realistic precision in virtual reality.

The positives:

  • All-in-one helmet;
  • Opportunity to play in spacious and confined places;
  • Helmet translating your movements.

The negatives:

  • Relatively expensive model.

Top 10 Best Drones Of 2021

Are you looking for the best drone you can buy right now? You knocked on the right door. We tested all the latest models of DJI, Parrot, Hubsan, Potensic and many other manufacturers, and grouped our findings in this ranking of the 10 best drones.

Drones are a great tool to take a new look at photography and video, and there’s never been a better time to buy one. Thanks to recent advances and fierce competition between major manufacturers, you can now enjoy professional-quality aerial images with a foldable drone that fits into your backpack!

Right now, the best drone on the market is probably the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. This versatile drone combines intuitive controls, a multitude of shooting modes and superb image quality. It is the ideal choice for amateurs, but also for professionals who are looking for a friendly model for their travels.

If you prefer a drone that is a little cheaper but your requirements are still high, then the DJI Mavic Air 2, the DJI Mavic Mini and the Parrot Anafi are also excellent choices. If you are a novice or are willing to make concessions on certain criteria (battery life, range, features), mid-range drones such as the Hubsan H501S, the Potensic T35 or the Eachine E520S should perfectly meet your expectations. Finally, if you’re going to introduce a toddler to the joys of flying, the DJI Ryze Tello is the perfect fit.

Whichever drone you choose, we’re convinced that you’ll take your foot off the gas, and that’s all the evil we wish you! Excellent reading and the pleasure of meeting you in the air!

Dji Ryze Tello

Range: 100 metres |  Battery Life: 13 minutes |  Camera: HD 720P

In general, drones that cost a hundred euros do not justify being interested. They are fragile, lack advanced features and are usually very noisy in flight. But the DJI Ryze Tello is different. Although it’s only $109, it’s full of high-end features and features.

Under the hood, you’ll find an Intel microchip for 14-core image processing, DJI’s flight stabilization technology, a 5-megapixel camera capable of filming 720p HD videos and a 13-minute battery.

Alas, this drone doesn’t come with a controller, so you’re forced to fly the DJI Ryze Tello via virtual joysticks on a smartphone app: a control mode that’s known to be soft and imprecise. The good news, however, is that Ryze designed the drone so that he could use third-party devices. So, if you prefer to fly with a real controller under your thumbs, you can get a Tello GameSir controller and connect it to your drone.

Potensic T25

Range: 300 metres |  Battery Life: 10 minutes |  Camera: Full HD 1080P

The Potensic T25 is one of the best drones for less than 200 euros, and it’s a real beast of the air. It is equipped with integrated GPS technology, which gives it great stability during flights and aerial shots. This stability is very appreciable in flight, especially if you want to use the stunning camera that this drone has.

The camera is indeed the real star of this drone. With a high definition of 1080p, the quality is simply remarkable for a drone at this price. We were very surprised by the beauty of the videos and photos. You can also fly in FPV mode when you connect your mobile device to the drone. This mode is great for having the feeling of flying inside the drone.

While it has many features that will satisfy seasoned pilots, the Potensic T25 also offers a number of features that will help beginners take off without difficulty. The steering is indeed simple, and the progression phase is very fast. You’ll have the option to activate “Return To Home” mode, “Follow Me” mode (the drone follows and films you) or the “Personalized Flight Path” mode, which allows you to plan an itinerary in advance.

The main weakness of the Potensic T25 is the battery life, which is only 10 minutes. However, it comes with 2 batteries. On the other hand, it has a maximum range of 300 metres, which is quite reasonable. This is a range that is suitable for both novice and intermediate pilots, but experienced pilots may require a little more.

Snaptain SP500

Range: 220 metres |  Battery Life: 15 minutes |  Camera: Full HD 1080P

The Snaptain SP500 is a compact and foldable drone that you can easily take with you on the road. It has a robust construction for a handheld drone, and has a host of other compelling features. It comes with two good quality modular batteries that will allow you to fly for 30 minutes (2 x 15 minutes).

The controller’s range is 220 m, which is relatively honorable for a drone in this price range. The Snaptain SP500 works with a GPS module that makes it easier for the pilot to orient himself while at the controls. A “return home” function automatically returns the drone to its starting position if it is out of range or if the battery is low.

Inexperienced users will benefit from the single-touch take-off/landing feature, which simplifies the drone’s airing. Other smart flight modes such as “Follow Me” and GPS Crossing Points enhance flight safety while making the experience more challenging.

The Snaptain SP500 uses a Full HD 1080P camera to capture high-resolution images. The camera has a field of view of 110 degrees and can be set at a 40-degree angle. This not only allows you to take sharper shots, but also to customize the viewing angles.

A stabilizer prevents distortions and tremors by maintaining the camera’s position when piloting the drone in windy conditions. The camera is also compatible with 5G Wi-Fi; you can connect to your smartphone via wi-Fi signal and share real-time videos of the drone.

Eachine E520S

Range: 300 metres |  Autonomy: 15 minutes |  Camera: Full HD 1080P

If you’re looking for a drone with a low-cost HD camera, the Eachine E520S is a great choice. This well-designed foldable drone weighs less than 300g and incorporates several powerful devices, the most notable of which is its HD camera. It’s also equipped with a GPS for a more stable flight experience and 3 smart flight modes that will amaze your family and friends.

The Eachine E520S is equipped with a 1200 mAh lipo battery, which allows you to fly for about 15 minutes, which is longer than most other drones in its price range. The controller has a transmission range of about 300 meters and if you use FPV mode, you can transmit video images over a maximum distance of 250 meters.

The flight performance of the Eachine E520S is generally positive. It remains stable, even in windy weather, and its steering is not a problem, although interference may occur when using FPV mode. Three speed options are available, and the drone reacts promptly to changes direction, even at the fastest speed.

Like many modern drones, the Eachine E520S has several intelligent flight modes. These modes make it easy to fly and take videos and images, because you don’t have to worry about controlling the drone. These include the “Waypoint” mode that allows you to plot a route on the app, the “Surround/Orbit” mode that puts the drone in orbit around the person holding the transmitter, and the “Follow Me” mode that locks the drone on you and follows you wherever you go. The drone also has an automatic return function at the starting point. If you see the battery draining or you lose sight of the drone, just press the controller’s “RTH” button and the drone will come back to you.

When you read the drone’s product sheet, it is immediately thought that this drone can record video sequences in 4K. However, this is misleading because the drone can only take 4K photos while the video footage is recorded in 1080p. For the price at which this drone is sold, you can’t really expect 4K video footage, but that doesn’t excuse them from misleading advertising. The camera is still well designed and you can take beautiful video scenes and striking aerial images. It has a 120-degree aperture, which provides a wide angle for recording and capturing grand scenes, and you can set the camera to 90 degrees to adjust your preferred angles of view.

Potensic T35

Range: 300 metres |  Battery Life: 15 minutes |  Camera: Full HD 1080P

The Potensic T35 looks like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, although it’s not as bulky or as heavy. In addition to its neat design, this drone is characterized by its robustness and its great stability in the air, even in difficult conditions.

The drone is powered by a 7.4 V 2500 mAh lipo battery, a modular battery of modern design that keeps its charge longer and offers about 15 minutes of flight time. It is equipped with LED lights that indicate its charge level and takes about 5 hours to fully recharge, which is long.

The controller covers a range of about 300 meters while the FPV mode only works up to about 150 meters, which is pretty much the norm for drones in this price range. To use FPV and smart flight modes, you need to download the official app called Potensic G. It is compatible with Android and iOS phones. The app is easy to use, with a clear interface and beginner tutorials that will help you avoid piloting errors.

Like most newer drones, the Potensic T35 has advanced features that will help you fly it more easily and have more fun. These features include a dual GPS (GPS – GLONASS), the “Waypoint” mode that allows you to draw a route on the app, the “Follow Me” mode that orders the drone to follow you wherever you go, or the “Automatic Home Back home” mode, which automatically repatriates the drone if you lose the connection or if the battery discharges.

As for the Potensic T35’s camera, it allows you to take beautiful videos and beautiful photos thanks to its wide angle lens adjustable to 90 degrees, which is attached to a 9-axis gyroscope that resists the wind and is particularly stable in flight. The camera has a micro SD card slot that can accommodate a memory card up to 32GB. To benefit from 1080p high definition, you’ll need to record your videos on the memory card. The quality of live streaming is only 720p.

Hubsan H501S

Range: 400 metres |  Battery Life: 18 minutes |  Camera: Full HD 1080P

The Hubsan H501S is a fantastic drone with a highly successful design, with amazing features, including a high-definition camera and remote control with a built-in 4.3-inch LCD screen. In other words, you won’t need to use your smartphone to enjoy FPV mode. It comes with two GPS modules for more precise positioning and two autonomous flight modes. Although dating back a few years, it remains one of the most popular drones on the market and is a top-notch option for anyone looking for a low-cost HD camera drone.

The Hubsan H501S is one of the first drones to be equipped with brushless engines. Brushless engines are much more powerful, more reliable and last longer. These engines give the drone a great thrust on take-off and also make it much sharper than other drones in its class. The drone is powered by a lipo battery of 7.4v 2700 mAh which gives it a flight range of about 18 minutes, while the transmission range is 400 meters in optimal conditions, which is rather remarkable.

Although the Hubsan H501S is a few years old, the accompanying camera is still very powerful, even when compared to the cameras of newer drones. It’s a 1080p HD camera with a wide angle lens that will allow you to capture beautiful aerial images and videos. Although the camera does not have a stabilization device like a cardan, the images and videos are clear with little distortion. Another feature of the camera is that you can connect a virtual reality headset to the controller and receive the live video stream in the headset for a more immersive flight experience.

While the HD camera is the drone’s main attraction, it comes with many other features that will enrich your flying experience and give you more fun. These features include dual GPS (GPS and GLONASS for more precise positioning), an “altitude maintenance” mode that allows the drone to maintain a constant altitude in hovering, an “Orbit” mode that allows the drone to rotate around a point of interest, a “Follow me” mode that tells the drone to follow you, and an “Automatic Return home” mode that automatically activates if you lose the connection becomes too weak.

Parrot Anafi

Range: 4000 metres |  Battery Life: 25 minutes |  Camera: Full HD 4K

This light drone, which looks like an insect, may be small, but its shots are among the most impressive. The Parrot Anafi carries a 180-degree vertical tilt camera that allows for cross-diving shots; a feat that no other drone can match. It also has a 2.8x zoomable lens without reducing image quality.

Parrot has improved its FreeFlight application for the release of its Anafi drone. The app is now much more intuitive to use. The configuration of flight speeds (film or sport), the choice of shots or video settings (4K, Full HD, exposure, etc.) now go through menus that appear at the bottom of the smartphone screen. So a few clicks are all it takes to activate the main functions.

The Parrot Anafi is a particularly wise choice for selfie enthusiasts. Its “Follow Me” mode tracks your movements, automatically adjusting for more photogenic angles, and its SmartDronies modes – Orbit, Parabola, Boomerang and Tornado – make the drone fly around you, describing various trajectories or arcs.

The main drawback of the Parrot Anafi is that it does not avoid obstacles, which makes it difficult to recommend to beginners. It is also a pity that some flight modes are locked and require additional expenses in the application.

Note that a new Parrot Anafi FPV kit has recently been launched, which combines this drone with FPV (first-person view) glasses for a fully immersive flight experience. What to vary the pleasures!

Dji Mavic Mini

Range: 2000 metres |  Battery Life: 30 minutes |  Camera: Full HD 2.7K

The DJI Mavic Mini is arguably the best mid-range camera drone for the general public. It weighs only 249g and is so small that it can be hidden under an iPhone 11 and easily slip into a trouser pocket. Its low weight, small size and flexible front propellers also give it a better chance of surviving a possible crash.

The Mavic Mini’s camera allows 1080p videos to be filmed at a frequency of up to 60 frames per second and 2.7K videos at a frequency of up to 30 frames per second. His 12 MP photos are very sharp and rich in detail.

Despite its wingspan, the drone is surprisingly stable in flight and is both fast and agile in Sport mode. It can easily fly for 30 minutes with a single battery and up to 2 km away. On the other hand, the DJI Mavic Mini does not have an obstacle avoidance function.

The Mavic Mini is available in two versions. The basic pack includes a controller, battery, charger, spare accessories, a 32GB Micro SD card and a bunch of different cables. The Combo Fly More pack includes a beautiful transport case, four batteries, a charger to recharge four batteries at a time and propeller protections for indoor flight.

If you’re looking for a high-quality drone, but don’t want to slam a fortune, then the Mavic Mini DJI is a very interesting option. It is remarkably stable and reliable in flight, easy to maneuver and can capture great images.

Dji Mavic Air 2

Range: 10,000 metres |  Battery Life: 34 minutes |  Camera: 4K Ultra HD

A true revolution compared to the original DJI Mavic Air, the DJI Mavic Air 2 is the best drone for beginners and enthusiasts. A simple version of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, this drone combines the ability to make beautiful 4K 60fps videos, a multitude of shooting settings and a remarkable flight time of 34 minutes.

This drone offers a much longer flight time (34 minutes) and a better range than the original Mavic Air. But the real attraction for photographers and videographers lies in the new 4K 60fps camera, which features a 48-megapixel 1/2-inch CMOS sensor. This one guarantees better ISO performance than its predecessor and supports 1080p slo-mo video up to 240fps.

The DJI Mavic Air 2 features a completely redesigned controller, which we like, with the ability to insert your smartphone directly on top, as is the case with high-end drones. The controller also integrates Ocusync 2.0 connectivity, which increases its range by up to 10 km and improves signal stability to the DJI Fly app.

With its forward, downward and backward position sensors, the drone is not only able to identify obstacles and warn the pilot, but also to plot a trajectory to avoid, for example, a wall or tree if necessary.

With the subject tracking mode and all well-known Quickshot automatic modes, the Mavic Air 2 DJI is the perfect balance between the more basic DJI Mavic Mini and the more expensive DJI Mavic 2 Pro. As with other DJI drones, a “Fly More” pack is available, which includes essential accessories (transport case, spare batteries, etc.). The latter costs more, of course, but it is often a wise investment.

Dji Mavic 2 Pro

Range: 8000 metres |  Battery Life: 31 minutes |  Camera: 4K HDR

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro retains its status as the best high-end drone for several reasons: it has a large sensor, it is very pleasant to fly and its foldable design makes it very convenient to carry. If you’re primarily looking for a travel drone, the Mavic Mini DJI is also worth a look. Otherwise, this drone is extremely versatile if you need a quality a little higher than that of the DJI Mavic Air 2.

The Mavic 2 Pro is equipped with a three-axis Hasselblad cardan camera, which is equipped with a one-inch CMOS sensor – like Sony’s RX100 and RX10 series – and an adjustable aperture that ranges from f/2.8 to f/11. It is a remarkable equipment capable of filming in several video resolutions, including 4K up to 30 frames per second, 2.7K up to 60 frames per second and 1080p up to 120 frames per second.

The drone also allows you to take 20-megapixel RAW photos with striking sharpness. The Mavic 2 Pro also supports the 10-bit Dlog-M color profile for post-production color calibration and 10-bit HDR video for striking hyperrealistic images.

Moreover, despite its impressive performance, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro is easy to drive and its control proves intuitive. In flight, the drone is as reliable as we expected and inspires confidence. Thanks to new, more powerful engines mounted on its four arms, the drone is now capable of reaching a speed of 72 km/h in Sport mode and, thanks to a more powerful battery, it can stay in the air for up to 31 minutes in a row. It is also very quiet, so discreet that you can hear it barely 30 meters away.

Its Occusync 2.0 transmission, meanwhile, offers a very accurate 1080p live streaming up to a distance of 8 km. Like the previous Mavic, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro is equipped with an 8GB internal memory and a Micro SD card slot. The controller is virtually the same as the original, but it has a three-way gearbox (normal, sporty or tripod for slow film shooting) for convenience.

For the DJI Go 4 app, the Mavic 2 Pro features a set of smart flight modes, as well as a Hyperlapse feature that captures stop-frame images over a wide area before merging them into the app.

Ultimately, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro benefits from the most advanced flight and camera technologies currently available, allowing it to provide professional-quality images while remaining accessible even to beginners. It is the perfect drone for most amateurs and professionals, if you can afford it of course.

Garmin Smart Watches: Top 5 Best Models

The use that can be made of the smartwatch is very extensive. Thanks to technological innovations, there is much more to it than read the time on a watch. Today, Garmin is one of those smartwatch brands that offer the best gadgets to its customers. So you don’t waste time reviewing the criteria to consider buying a better smartwatch, here are the five best smartwatches from the Garmin brand.

Introducing Garmin watches

It’s undeniable. The Garmin brand is one of the high-end brands offering high-quality connected lifts. Very concerned to satisfy its increasingly demanding clientele, the Garmin brand offers them a wide range of smartwatches. One wonders what are the peculiarities of these watches?

In fact, the smartwatches offered by the Garmin brand are perfect for various sports activities. Indeed, the company Garmin puts a point of honor on the design of these jewels. To this end, it offers a wide range of smartwatches tailored to the needs of its customers, whether it is looking for statistics to improve its performance or as a beginner.

In addition, Garmin sports watches in particular are equipped with advanced data suitable for all interests, needs and levels, as well as a personalized virtual coach. Also, the smartwatches of this brand have an unusual design. They are both sophisticated and robust.

In this wide range of smartwatches, there are also models with a GPS operating system. In addition, the screen of Garmin watches is superb. It benefits from bright colors and infinite contrasts. This makes viewing more comfortable for the user.

The Garmin Brand Watches That You Absolutely Must Buy In 2021

Garmin’s smartwatches are of excellent quality. There is no doubt about that. So to avoid you spending hours making a choice, we’ve listed some very interesting models for you.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

Equipped with heart rate technology, the Garmin Forerunner 735XT watch is very practical for various sports activities. It allows you to improve your performance in swimming, running. Recommended for athletes who want to have all the complete information about their performance during competitions, training, this watch is comfortable on the wrist. It analyzes your sleep, calculates the number of calories burned, the number of steps taken. You don’t need to wear a pectoral belt before measuring your heart rate. It helps you train your heart.


  1. Personalization
  2. measures heart rate
  3. allows you to receive notifications (e-mails, calls, SMS, etc.);
  4. helps train the heart.


  1. 24-hour battery life in UltraTrac mode

Garmin Forerunner 45

Garmin Forerunner 45 is a racing watch with a multitude of features to better control your athletic performance. It incorporates sports apps that allow you to vary your workouts. In addition to constantly measuring your heart rate, this smartwatch model allows you to listen to your body during your various sports programs.

The GPS it integrates allows you to record the routes tracked. It establishes accurate statistics for you on intervals, pace, distance. Too stressed, the watch invites you to do a short breathing activity.


  1. Stress monitoring
  2. Measuring the body’s energy level
  3. various sports activities
  4. automatic receipt of alerts, SMS, emails on the watch.


  1. The battery life is only 13 hours in GPS mode.

Garmin Vivoactive 4

This Garmin watch helps you achieve your sports and health goals. The Vivoactive 4 model allows you to pay your bill. No need to keep your wallet with you. It lets you know when to rest and when to move, as it has a Body Battery energy monitor. This equipment measures the oxygen saturation of your blood during the day and at night. With her, tracking the menstrual cycle and stress level has never been easier.


  1. menstrual cycle monitoring;
  2. monitoring of respiration and hydration;
  3. monitoring the quality of sleep;
  4. waterproof watch;
  5. has security, tracking, and music functions;
  6. heart rate measurement;
  7. free animated exercises for rapid achievement of sporting goals;
  8. possibility of personalizing training.


  1. In music and GPS mode, the battery life is only 6 hours

Garmin Instinct

In addition to having a screen and a strong case, this watch meets the U.S. military standard. It is resistant to water, shocks and heat. Its waterproofing can reach 100 meters. The screen of the latter offers significant contrasts in addition to being readable in the sun and resistant to scratches.

In GPS mode, the Garmin Instinct’s range is 16 versus 40 hours in energy-saving mode. It tracks your stress level and incorporates various sports applications.


  1. different preloaded profiles for swimming, mountain biking, hiking, running;
  2. followed by heart rate
  3. Satellite communication;
  4. pairing with dog tracking devices;
  5. Elegant and robust watch.


  1. a bit expensive, not affordable for all budgets

Garmin Fenix 6

This robust GPS watch allows you to easily meet your sporting challenges. It allows you to add intelligent pace planning, music, different workouts and maps. Its PacePro feature will allow you to run smarter on different types of terrain. The Garmin Fenix 6 is a sophisticated, rugged watch with a 1.3-inch screen. It is made with high-end equipment. This is evidenced by its titanium and stainless steel case.


  1. water, shock and heat resistant watch
  2. Incorporates different sports applications;
  3. Has a metric display specific to descent or ascent;
  4. animated exercises;
  5. Battery management mode impacting its battery life;
  6. PacePro technology.


  1. Shows a bit expensive, not affordable for all budgets
Best Accounting Software

Five Software an Accountant Should Master

Are you searching for a tool that can help you manage multiple accounts or one where you can learn more accounting skills? Then, what you need is accounting software. The use of accounting software is something every accountant must know.

The world of accounting has changed from what it used to be a few years back. Technology has changed a lot of things. Most CPA Bakersfield uses accounting software to carry out their job and manage clients’ accounts.

There is a lot of accounting software out there, the majority having similar features and functions. However, the best accounting software aid businesses in processing details such as, payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Tips for Selecting the Best Accounting Software

Software an Accountant

One of the benefits of good accounting software is that it massively reduces the errors associated with accounting papers. So, how do you know which software is right for you as an accountant? Here are three tips for selecting the right accounting software.

1. Consider your needs and skills

The best way to find the right accounting software is to consider how your business operates. You may want to consider specialized software that will help your kind of business. Although accounting software can help your work, a certain amount of accounting literacy is also required.

2. Prepare a budget

There are different accounting software for all kinds of expenses. More specialized software will be more expensive because specialized software doesn’t often have a large user base. If you want to get a specified software, you will be paying a premium amount. You might need to plan for this sum.

3. Pay attention to extra features

Some accounting software comes with other functionalities. Some add-ons make your accounting software compatible with other software such as tax software, e-commerce software, and so on.

 Five Best Software an Accountant Should Master

There are hundreds of accounting software available for download on the internet. However, here are five software any accountant should master.

1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks Pro is a packaged accounting software that benefits small and mid-sized businesses. It has more than 200 integrations, and it is a popular choice for CPAs, bookkeepers, and many other professionals. The price of QuickBooks Pro is budget-friendly. For #299.95/year, and three users can make use of it simultaneously.

Users will also have access to automated updates, backup, and recovery at no extra cost. Other features that make QuickBooks Pro a good idea for accountants include accounts payable, tax support, inventory management, mileage deduction tracking, general journal entries, 100+ reports.

2. Sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud is well-developed accounting software that has been around since the 1980s. The software is old fashioned, and it has a lot of features and functionality. Sage 50cloud has a different pricing scheme for the needs of businesses.

The Pro accounting plan comes with accounting features for a sole proprietorship business at $50.58/month or $503.23/year. The premium subscription for up to five users comes at $78.22/month or $778.63/year. With $197.55/month or $1981.75/year, up to 40 users can use the Quantum accounting plan.

This software also comes with add-on features for an additional fee. These features include Microsoft Office 365, payroll services, a payment management system, and so on.

3. Xero

Xero is accounting software designed for medium-sized businesses and large-sized businesses. More than two million people use the software and around 16,000 accounting firms. It comes with numerous features and integration.

Xero also offers three pricing plans. The early subscription comes for $9/month, but its features are limited and restricted. The growing subscription is $30/month. This plan grants unlimited access to users. The established plan comes for $60/month with support for advanced expense tracking, multi-currency support, and project management equipment.

4. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is accounting software that has good usability. The price of this software is affordable. What is most interesting is that it comes with a 30days free trial to enable users to familiarize themselves with the features.

FreshBooks allows users to access the best invoice-payment functionalities, including overdue payment reminders, payment claims, delay fees, and direct payment gateway. It can also receive payment from other financial software such as PayPal, Google checkouts, credit card payment, Amex, Etc.

5. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an online accounting app that gives you the opportunity of managing the inflow and outflow of money from an account. The app has a cloud-based interface that makes it a good option for a sole trader or freelancer.

The basic plan pricing comes at $9/month, with a limitation of 50 contacts, three automated workflows, and users up to two. Accountants can get the standard subscription for $19/month with contacts up to 500, automated workflows up to 10, and three users. The professional subscription will give you access to a full packaged experience for $29/month.


Choosing accounting software as an accountant can be a tiring task. You can choose the software that fits your needs from the above-listed options. If one does not fit in, never forget that there are many others you can choose. Your budget should be well planned. You should also be ready to take advantage of demos and free trials.